Damage Prevention Specialists / Underground Locators in the Finger Lakes and Southern Tier Regions of NY
What is a site analysis?
A site analysis, or a site visit, is meant to determine if the Homeowner or the Contractor has any buried utilities in their designated work areas.

Upon your request, Effective CD, LLC. will dispatch a Damage Prevention Specialist to your location, where he/she will do an assessment to determine what may be in conflict with your project.

He/she will look for signs of buried utilities based on field observations by looking for utility boxes on the home, or looking for any conduit drops on the utility poles both on the road as well as on your property which may indicate the presense of buried utilities in the designated work area.

* Note if your work site is in a municipality, (town, village, city) then chances are you have a private water and sewer service running from the curb valve to your home that will need to be marked out as well. Municipalities generaly only maintain to that curb shut off valve.

In most cases for residential purposes, the homeowner need not be present for the site analysis, our field technicians will analyze the designated work area and let either the Homeowner, or the Contractor know if it's a clear status, or if there are utilities to be concerned with. However if a Homeowner prefers an appointment or to be present for the analysis, we do offer same day service and will schedule our technician to best fit your schedule.

Contractors, depending on how large the home improvment job is, may want to meet with the utility locator to go over the work being performed, or to discuss any potential conflicts (utilities crossing the work area), and to communicate any concerns prior to digging.

A full site analysis is highly reccomended for those homeowners or Contractors, who are unsure if there is anything buried on their property within the designated work areas.

At your request, we will have a Damage Prevention Specialist respond to your job site to determine if anything needs to be marked out. If your site is clear of all underground utilities, we charge a small fee of $45.00

Though a site visit, also known as a site analysis is $45.00. If the field technician finds that there are buried utilities in the designated work area that need to be marked out with paint and flags, then it becomes a mark out. Please note the image on the left. A mark out is a nominal $75.00 fee.

One of the most often asked question we are asked is what is a PMO or what does PMO stand for? PMO = Private Mark Out