A private mark out protects you, your contractors, and your neighbors. It also prevents you from having to make a call to your insurance company in the event your utilities are damaged, to see if they will cover a private utility damage if it was not marked out. If they do, you would have to meet the deductable which ranges from $500-$2000.00!

Compare this to our nominal fee of $75.00 to cover your bases. We strive to assist and ensure a safe, efficient and timely home improvment project for you and your family.

At Effective CD, LLC we specialize in privately owned also known as customer owned utilities. These are the utilities not marked or covered under the One Call system, yet homeowners and contractors alike, are both in need of knowing these locations. We utilize the latest digital and technical equipment to properly locate and identify your underground utilities. Please read the descriptions below for a more in-depth look at underground utility locations and re-tone location services.

Locating Utilities
Be it the Homeowner doing land scaping, such as planting trees, drainage from down spouts, installing a fence, installing invisible pet fencing etc... chances are you are going to cross over or otherwise encounter one or more of your customer owned utilities. By marking your lines, we prevent construction crews from accidently damaging the lines and cutting off your utilities. Hiring our company is a more cost-effective solution to marking your underground utilities than having to hire a general contractor to repair damages. Our prices start at only $45.00.

Contractors Needs
In the majority of cases when a contractor is doing work for a client, though they called the One Call, most are aware that it will not cover the customer owned utilities within their work area. In our experience this is not only frustrating to the contractor, but it slows down the work, which increases the cost, and cuts into the profit margin just to ensure their client is safe from any potential utility damages. This is where we specialize in locating those underground utilities for a smooth and seemless excavation.

Why Get A Private Mark Out